A new set of hub caps or wheel covers are the perfect way to add some style and protection to your vehicle. Manufactured to meet OEM specifications using premium quality ABS, anti-corrosion, high heat and impact resistant material. Our hubcaps are designed to meet or exceed industry standards and provide long-lasting quality and style.

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More Strength Than Competitors

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a plastic that is tougher than conventional plastic. ABS has a higher impact strength than PVC. ABS can endure more stress, heat and pressure. ABS is not brittle which make it a great choice for wheel covers. It is also better for products prone to wear and tear.

Perfect Material for Wheel Covers

ABS is an ideal material for durable structural applications when extra strength, high impact resistance and strong stiffness are required. ABS is often used to make golf club heads and automotive bumper bars because of its good shock absorbance. BDK Hubcaps are made from the highest quality ABS Plastic.

Superior Quality

ABS wheel covers will last longer than conventional plastic wheel covers. Though the cost of ABS is slightly higher than conventional plastic, it is a superior plastic. ABS is more solid, tough, and has more gloss than conventional plastic.





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