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Motor Trend 7-Series Defender Pro Car Cover - Waterproof for All Weather - Snow, Wind, Rain & Sun - Ultra Heavy 6 Layers

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Size: Small (Fit up to 157")
  • Distinguished Brand – Motor Trend’s Very Own Multi-Layer Car Cover Engineered to Protect Your Vehicle
  • Reinforced Material –Multiple Heavy-Duty Layers with Enhanced Compounded Comfort Layer, Breathable Woven Polyester & More
  • Protection Inside and Out – Sealed Scratch-Proof Lining for the Interior & 100% Waterproof, Durable Lining for the Exterior
  • All Conditions – Preserve your Vehicle and Paint Against All Rain, Snow, Sun, Bird Droppings, Dust/Dirt - Approved for All Season Use (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Universal Fit – Made to Fit Snuggly on Any and All Sedans; Please Check Measurements before Installing;
Size: Small (Fit up to 157")