Motor Trend AF-301 (2 Count) Car Air Freshener Vent Clip for Car Truck Van SUV, Home & Kitchen, Long Lasting Odor Eliminator, Scented Oil Fragrance Diffuser - Scent Black Diamond , 2 Count

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Scent: Black Diamond
Count: 2 Pack

Motor Trend Car Air Freshener Vent Clips

Long Lasting Odor Eliminator Fragrance

Official Motor Trend air fresheners are made with high-quality premium ingredients to freshen up on the road or at home.

Our Motor Trend Air Fresheners smell great and neutralize unpleasant odors in your car or vehicle. Perfect for use inside the house as well: garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, pet areas, and more.

Try our variety of Motor Trend Car Air Freshener Flavors:

  • BLACK DIAMOND – Black Diamond is a rich & sophisticated fragrance, similar to your favorite bottle of men's cologne
  • CHERRY – Enjoy the fresh & fruity scent of handpicked cherries topped off with the subtle spiciness of cinnamon
  • NEW CAR – Everybody loves the clean, fresh scent of a brand-new car right off the lot
  • PINE – Take a step into the outdoors with the clean & crisp scent of fresh pine trees in the early springtime
  • VANILLA – Freshen up your car or truck with the warm fragrance of vanilla featuring hints of lavender


Scent: Black Diamond
Count: 2 Pack