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Motor Trend Universal WeatherWear Poly-1 Outdoor Car Cover- All Weather Snow Wind Rain & Water Proof Ultra Protection

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Size: Medium (Fit up to 170")

WeatherWear Poly-1 Car Cover

     You don't want to subject your car to the elements, so you park it in the garage. But if you don't have a garage or your garage serves as storage for just about anything but your car, a universal, all-season car cover will keep your car protected. It will keep your vehicle clean in inclement weather, and it will help protect it from scratches.

Size Guide Measurement
Small Fits up to L:157" x W:65" x H:47"
Medium Fits up to L:170" x W:65" x H:47"
Large Fits up to L:190" x W:70" x H:47"
XL Fits up to L:210" x W:75" x H:47"
XXL Fits up to L:228" x W:80" x H:49"


     Direct sunlight is hard on a paint job, and covering it can help prevent fading, which increases your resale value. This Motor Trend car cover is waterproof, so rain and snow just roll right off of it. It comes in five sizes to ensure you're getting the right fit for your vehicle.

     The Motor Trend car cover also has a lock, which allows you to lock it to your vehicle, and it comes with a storage bag for when you take it off your vehicle. A locked car cover keeps people from getting into your car and may be a theft or vandalism deterrent.

     In addition to the car cover, other Motor Trend products that we carry include two-tone PU leather car seat covers here to protect your vehicle’s seats from wear and tear and heavy duty rubber floor mats like these to protect your carpets. Our full selection of Motor Trend products keeps your vehicle protected, inside and out.

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Size: Medium (Fit up to 170")