Chupa Chups Car Air Freshener, Vanilla Cream - Long Lasting Car Fresheners with Fun Scents, Colorful and Vibrant Air Freshener for Car, Unique Car Freshener Perfume Deodorizer Refresher Fragrance

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Color: Vanilla Cream

Bring the forever fun scents of Chupa Chups into your car with these deliciously nostalgic air fresheners! BDK has partnered with the iconic Spanish candy brand Chupa Chups to create car air fresheners that evoke sweet childhood memories. Infused with the trademark fruity, creamy, and sugary aromas of Chupa Chups lollipops, these vent clips will have your car interior smelling refreshingly sweet.

  • FOREVER FUN: Our Chupa Chups car air freshener is not only effective but also adds a touch of fun to your car interior. BDK and Chupa Chups have collaborated to bring you a car air freshener that not only freshens the air but also evokes childhood memories. Our air fresheners are infused with the sweet scents that Chupa Chups is known for, creating a nostalgic atmosphere in your car.
  • REFRESHING CHUPA CHUPS SCENT: Experience the refreshing scent of Chupa Chups: Not your average air fresheners – they're designed to tackle odors and keep your car smelling fresh. Say goodbye to funky smells and make every journey a pleasant one.
  • EASY TO USE: With its easy clip-on design, our car air fresheners effortlessly attach to your car's air vent and stay firmly in place. No need to worry about it falling off while you're driving. It's a hassle-free solution to keep your car smelling great.
  • 40 DAYS OF USE: Each air vent clip provides up to 40 days of fragrance life, ensuring long-lasting freshness. With two vent clips included, you can enjoy the delightful Chupa Chups scent for up to 80 days.
Color: Vanilla Cream