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Classic Batman - Auto Sun Shade - Front Windshield Sun Protector - 58" x 27"

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Double Bubble Construction (Reverse Reflective Side) for Lasting Durability. Tapered Side Stitching w/ Velcro Strap for Quick Fold Storage. Provides Protection against UV Rays, Sun Damage while Reducing Interior Heat.

This Sunshade will keep your interior protected from damaging sun rays, which leads to peeling, cracking, and fading over time on your dash and steering wheel. Also, maintain your cabin temperatures of 50 degrees cooler than without a shade by blocking sunlight out of your vehicle!


  • Licensed by Warner Bros, Designed by BDK Los Angeles. Features tapered edges for a sung fit with your windshield. Deep cutout to allow for rear view mirror.
  • This size shade measures 58” x 27” and is universally sized to fit most windshields. Although it says "This fits your vehicle", it may not be 100% accurate. Please confirm the size/dimensions before purchase.
  • Place auto shade in front of windshield between rear view mirror. Folds up with accordion design for easy storage. This efficient sunshade can keep your interior staying cooler by reducing temperature from 30 to 50 degrees.
  • This dual-layer reflective double bubble design is reversible and can conveniently be used on either side. Protect your car’s interior from harmful UV rays, which can cause your car to discolor and deteriorate.
  • Great for Car Van Truck SUV - Increases the lifespan of your vehicle's dash surface, radio LCD screen, GPS Devices and other electronics.

Double Bubble - Twice as strong as the industry standard

This accordion-style shade offers quick set-up or take-down and includes an elastic strap to secure your shade when not in use.

Specification Detail
Design Classic Batman Auto Shade
Material Tapered Sides/Double Bubble Construction
Feature Reversible design - Foil Reverse
Installation Folds accordion style with Velcro strap closure
Size 58" x 28"

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It’s no secret that your vehicle’s interior can reach up to 20 degrees hotter than the temperature outside. And in the summer months, that could be 120 degrees or more! Unfortunately, parking in the shade is not always an option, but having a useful sunshade handy can be!

Trust us, shielding your cabin from damaging sun rays has never been this easy or stylish. We offer reflective pop up sunshades that twist into a compact size to easily store and whip out whenever needed! We also carry a variety of accordion style sunshades and side shades to keep passengers cool and out of direct sunlight. Browse our wide selection of sunshades and you’re sure to find one you can proud to display in your vehicle!

Bring it on sun, BDK has the right products to keep drivers and passengers cool and protected!