Fresh-Mesh Seat Covers Set - Gold Beige Netting on Black Polyester w/Breathable Knit Mesh Panel Accents

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Color: Beige:#A69979
  • 3-Layer 100% Waterproof Materials
  • Outer Soft Polyester Layer, Inner Waterproof Neoprene, Anti-Slip Backing
  • Easy & Quick Install without frustrating backing - back buckle is easily accessible
  • Sideless coverage provides easy access for armrests, controls, side air bags
  • 2 Front Seat Covers - Requires removable headrests
  • Color = Beige / Black

These thick and durable seat covers are 100% waterproof to protect you from liquids, foods, spills and accidents. The side-less covers protect what needs to be protected while providing unobstructed access to armrests, electronic seat controls, and side airbags. Materials like soft polyester cloth, waterproof neoprene, and anti-slip backing come together to create an unparalleled comfortable and practical seat cover.

No hooks, multiple straps, or cutting required! You will love the quick and simple installation of these seat covers. Simply cover and attach the one strap. Super easy and stays in place.

Includes 2 front seat covers and 2 headrest covers.

Color: Beige:#A69979